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From the desk of Richard King:


My name is Richard King.

I’m a former economic consultant turned financial investor and educator.

For the past 4 years, I’ve made the lion’s share of my income by investing in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

And the rest I have made by teaching other people how to do the same.

You’ve heard about Bitcoin in the news recently?

After all, it’s hard not to.

Thousands of people worldwide have become millionaires investing in Bitcoin.

But, as you’re about to discover, Bitcoin is much more than a new form of money that’s making people rich.

This is a complete transformation in the way the word does business.

And even with the massive rise in the price of Bitcoin that has recently taken place, you can still profit off it.

In A Minute, I’m Going to Teach You How YOU Can
Profit From The Rise in Bitcoin

… And Others Like Ethereum and Litecoin
(Which May Hold Even MORE Profit Potential)!

But First, Let Me Tell You a Little About My Background And Why I’m Writing This...

At this point in the letter, I’m sure you’re already thinking “who the hell is this Richard King guy and WHY is he writing me?

And if I were in your position, I’d feel the same way.

Over the years, I’ve learned to be wary of strangers proclaiming themselves to be experts on making money.

It all has a whiff of “too good to be true.”

So, let me tell you where I’m coming from.

My background is in economics.

I graduated at the top of my class from one of the world’s TOP schools for financial education.

I specialized in financial analysis, and graduated with top grades in my class.

After graduating, I found myself working at one of the world’s largest hedge funds.

My job was to analyze the markets. I looked at the biggest, most profitable opportunities for my hedge fund to invest in.

I worked 60 hours a week coming up with investment ideas:

➔ Stocks
➔ Bonds
➔ Currencies
➔ Derivatives
➔ Commodities
➔ ... You name it

Everyday I pored through dozens of stock charts and investment ideas.

Most of them had a profit potential of 20-30% PER YEAR.

Not bad, I thought…
… That Was Until I Discovered BITCOIN. Thousands of Regular People Earning Returns of over 1000% a YEAR!
I stumbled on it almost by accident.

It was around mid-2014, a few months after the first big Bitcoin rally made the news.

I first heard the name mentioned on message boards.

People said that it was a new form of currency that threatened to break the government’s monopoly on money.

At first, I wasn’t even that interested…

… Except this was exactly the type of thing that I got paid to research for my job.

So, I Did My Homework…

… I Was SHOCKED to Discover ...

Bitcoin Had More Profit Potential Than Any Other
Investment I Had Researched!
I did my usual financial analysis on Bitcoin.

I read the charts.

I evaluated supply and demand.

I researched mining.

I became astonished at what I discovered:

Bitcoin had the potential to go to over $15,000!

All the numbers pointed to the same fact.

This was a potential 5000% a year gainer!
But When I Told My Employers That We 
Should Invest In Bitcoin, THEY LAUGHED AT ME!

I arranged a meeting with them to tell them about a great new investment.
I told them that Bitcoin had the potential to grow from a $10 billion market cap, to well over $250 billion. 

(See the chart below to look how my prediction turned out). 

Crypto Code Club
I KNEW this was going to be the biggest investment of the DECADE.

Regular people had already become millionaires investing in Bitcoin at that point.

I bought a small amount with my own money because I was so sure this would be a winner.
But When I Recommended Bitcoin to My Bosses,
I Was SHOCKED to Hear Them Say NO!
I couldn’t believe it!

Here I was, their star analyst, telling them this would be the biggest success story of the decade…

… And they told me flat out they weren’t interested!

I was furious!

How could they have their investors’ best interests at heart if they wouldn’t take a chance on THIS?

In the days and weeks that followed that meeting, I kept angling for my hedge fund bosses to invest.

Still, the answer was NO.

It all came to a head when I had a second meeting with my bosses.

I couldn’t stay with the company if they refused to invest in Bitcoin.

They still refused, so I handed in my letter of resignation.
That Very Same Day, An Idea Started To Form In My Head

After I left the hedge fund, I knew I had to find another source of income.

At the same time, the experience left me totally disillusioned with mainstream investing.

If these guys were unwilling to invest in Bitcoin... 

What hope was there of finding another employer ready to make unconventional investments?

But then I realized something:

I didn’t NEED an employer.

Based on my calculations.... 

My Bitcoin investments ALONE would make me enough money to live off for the next 5 years.


… I could use my spare time to help educate other regular people about Bitcoin.
And That’s What I Did For The Next Year

I spent that year writing articles... 

Making online videos, and doing everything I could to educate people about Bitcoin.

Many of the people I spoke to online ended up investing, and doing super well for themselves. 

In 2017, the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed!

From $963.66 on 1st January to a whopping $19,114.20 today. 
And the crazy thing is, the value of Bitcoin is set to rise to $100,000 per coin over the next few years! But the more I learned about Bitcoin, the more I learned there was a WHOLE lot more to this thing.

In fact…

… Bitcoin was only the surface.

The more I posted on the forums and on social media, the more I learned about other coins.

Ethereum – Up from $7.98 to $795.10 in 2017
Litecoin - Up from $4.33 to $319.55 in 2017
… And dozens more!

There was a whole UNIVERSE of profitable coins out there to invest in.
So, I Expanded Beyond Bitcoin and
Started Investing in Other Coins

I loaded up on all the Ethereum and Litecoin I could find.

I studied ICOs and placed bets on new cryptocurrencies nobody had even heard of yet.

Some of my investments took off overnight.

Others took longer to show a profit.

But the vast majority of them were solid gainers for me.

And through this, my Bitcoin kept going strong.

At This Point, I Knew What I Was Going To Do: Make A Career Helping Others Invest In Cryptocurrency!
It made perfect sense!

By early this year, I could tell everybody and their dog was getting in on Bitcoin.

The success stories out there are real…

In May 2011, 15 year old Erik Finman put a $1000 gift from his grandmother into Bitcoin to buy 403 coins... and now its worth $7,659,115

Professional investor Kristoffer Koch invested 25 dollars in 2009 and bought 50 Bitcoins. He was writing a thesis on encryption at that time and came across bitcoins during his research. Today his bitcoins are worth a staggering $952,609

26 year old Olaf-Carlson Wee got hired in a Bitcoin startup named Coinbase in February 2013. At that time, 1 bitcoin was worth $25. He decided to get paid in bitcoins only. Now his wages are worth over $2,500,000

But most people didn’t know enough about it to make an informed decision…

… And even fewer knew about “altcoins”... 

The smaller coins like Litecoin and Ethereum that had even more room to grow.

I wanted to help these people invest in cryptocurrency, by copying my trades exactly as I make them.

It would be a perfect win-win:

I would benefit by helping regular people become profitable investors.

While my investors would profit by copying my trades and investments. -- Backed by solid financial analysis.

I would do all the hard work. Reading charts, scouring the forums for news and information, and putting my own money on the line.

And in exchange for a (tiny) ‘subscriber fee,’ my readers could copy my trades every month.
That's How The Crypto Code Club Was Born

Crypto Code Club is a monthly newsletter report. A detailed document containing all my crypto plays and market insights.

Every month, I send out a report on the cryptocurrencies I’m making money from.

I will tell you about each one, and whether it’s a buy, a hold or a sell.

I will also explain the market forces that make each investment a buy, hold or sell.


… NOT ONLY do you get to copy my exact plays…

… You ALSO get the benefit of my analysis and market commentary.

... Learn the principles I use to make my investments.

So you’ll build up your own market analysis skills in the process.

You’ll get to make money copying my trades, and build a solid foundation for investing in the future!

Here’s What You Get With Crypto Code Club

● Access to ALL the crypto trades I’m making for the next 60 days. 

● My complete market commentaries that explain every trade I’m making.

● Price information and other valuable data on each cryptocurrency.

● Info on new coins you may have never heard of before that have WAY more potential upside than Bitcoin. 

● Monthly market overview on the biggest most profitable developments in crypto land. 

● Step by step guide on how to buy Bitcoin (its easy!). 

… ALL THIS for a small one-time fee of $27
You are 100% backed by Clickbank and my 60 day full money back guarantee. If you're not in love with the results, you can get an immediate refund, no questions asked.

If you miss out on this opportunity you will never know how much money you could have made. You owe it to yourself to at least give this opportunity a go, you have nothing to lose.

You owe it to yourself to at least give this opportunity a go, you have nothing to lose. 

If you delay, chances are you will see this page and your chance will have gone. 

Copy My Exact Coin Investments As They Happen.
Learn How To Invest & Profit In Crypto Currencies.
24 Hour Crypto Code Club Member Support.

Crypto Code Club is the culmination of over 4 years investing in cryptocurrencies.

My returns SMASH the stock market.
There is NOWHERE ELSE you can get these recommendations.

And there is NO OTHER crypto newsletter out there, giving you the latest market commentary to make the best possible investments.

This is a chance to claim your piece of the MASSIVE, explosive growth market.


Click below to claim your piece of of the $440 billion (and growing!) market!

Thanks for reading,

Richard King
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